8 Things You Can Do with Old Office Furniture

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Office Furniture have to be worn out at some point in time, and needed to be replaced. For example, the style of desk and chairs has become outdated, the upholstery of sofa and chairs have worn out from excessive usage. The file cabinet got rust or the mechanisms are damaged beyond repair.

Below are 8 things that you can do with your old office furniture.

1. Convert File Cabinets into Planters
Indoor air pollution is an issue that most of the owners and managers have overlooked. To solve this issue, growing plant inside the office is one preferrable way. The old file cabinets drawer can be modified in to planters by covering with plastic wrap and fill with soil. Or, you can simply put the pots inside. Regardless of the method, the bottom of the cabinets needed to be covered in order to prevent the water from leaking down to your office floor.

2. Convert Two File Cabinets into a Desk
Two unused files cabinet can be modified as legs for working desk. The rectangular pieces of lumber can be modified to be used as the table top and tightening to both files cabinet by screws. By doing this, you will get the office desk with wood top and pull-out drawers. The file cabinets can be painted into the similar color as the table top to create a wooden-like feeling.

3. Cubicle Wall Billboards

4. Reupholster Office Chairs
The old office chairs can be turned into life by re-upholstery them with new sheets of fabrics and repaint the legs.


5. Moving to a New Office? Sell Your Old Furniture to the New
Packing up the old furniture for office relocation can be quite hassle and troublesome. Not only packing, but, moving and keep track of your furniture when they are transported to your new office is also a very difficult task. Therefore, another preferrable choice is to sell your old furniture to the new tenant. Of course, it will be difficult to get the original value of the furniture, but, at least, the new tenant should pay more than the outside buyers, because, they can get the fully equipped office without the trouble of selecting and buying the furniture later.

6. Donate It to Charity
In case if you cannot sell your office furniture, you can always donate them to the non-profit organizations. A lot of business owners do not prefer this method because they cannot make a profit out of it. But the advantage is that you can save a lot of packing and tracking time, and most importantly, the rent on the temporary storing space. Most of these charity organization have people to come to pack and pick the furniture up and transport to their location.

7. Recycle It
For some of the furniture that already worn out and cannot be sole or donate. Recycling them is another option. This recycling furniture will be broken down and uses the pieces to build the new furniture

8. Give It Away
Lastly, you may want to give your office furniture away. This is to help out the small startup company who cannot afford to buy an entire suite of new office furniture. But make sure, to state clearly that the recipient must pick up the items.

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