Create Spaces for Music Lovers

a1-music instrument

It is not often to find the dedicated music room inside the houses. With so many instruments, sometimes the dedicated music room is required, however, there is a way to blend in the living space with the musical instruments together in harmony.

For example, there are a few non-bedroom rooms (Living room, Kitchen or dining room) inside the house, and one of these rooms can be turned into a place to keep the musical instruments, and yet, spending family time together.

In the below photo, the dining room has turned into the small living room with the used of guitars as both instruments and wall decorations.

Another idea is to create the small music shelfs and place the floor pillows and carpets on the floor nearby. This is to add the scent of living spaces that blends with the collections of small instruments on the shelf.

Piano can be used as both wall decorative items and instruments is also another preferrable way. The decorations props such as plants, lamps, and photo frame create more lively feeling for the piano. The pillows on the bench added the more comfortable looks to the bench as well.