Who We Are

Company History

1915 Mr. Ju Sui Pin started the tannery business under Chung Fau Heng Co., Ltd. at WatPai Singhato, Klong Toey, Bangkok.

1945 – Established the trading division for importing the tanning chemical.

1946 – Established the leather dyeing factory at Sam Yarn, Bangkok.

1948 – Started the spinning business due to high competition and the decline in the tannery and dyeing market.

1950 Began the construction of the warehouse in Ratburana, Bangkok for baling and stock for exporting jute under CH trademark.

1953 – The spinning mill was shut down due to the economic crisis in Thailand.

1955 – Establishment of Chung Hin Co., Ltd. as a sister company for exporting jute and jute baling machine.

1962 – From the expansion of the foreign investment in Thailand especially in the spinning industry, Chung Hin Co., Ltd. diverted its business to textile machinery spare part importer.

1978 – Mr. Ju Sui Pin passed away and Mr. Decha Chusoipin became Managing Director for both Chung Fau Heng Co., Ltd. and Chung Hin Co., Ltd

1980 – Ratburana factory was converted to the warehouse for rental business due to the decline in the jute exporting.

2003 – Established the sub-division of Chung Hin Co., Ltd. for providing the raisin coating and end milling services for the carding machine.

2009 – Established the roller shop for providing the mounting services and processing the cots for selling in Thailand market.

2011 – Chung Fau Heng Co., Ltd. has expanded to furniture trading business area under “Hestia Living” brand.

2019 – Started the construction of CH Self Storage as a division of warehouse rental department.

2020 – CH Self Storage building construction finished and started to operate

2021 – Full renovation and upgrades on Warehouse 1, 3, 4, and A1 to A7

2022 – Full renovation on the road inside the property.  Expansion CH Self Storage size range to cover larger size up to 105 Sqm.