Create more space at your house with these tips

There are a few ways to create more space in whatever home size that you occupy. For example, arranging furnitures, use mirror and lightings, or decorating with accessories. Below are a few ideas in which you can use.

  1. Add Mirrors: Mirros can make space look larger and brighter. Try to place the mirror on the wall near the window in which it can reflect the outside lanscrapes (tree, river, or open skyline) to be seen inside the room.
  2. Add the right Balance of Furniture: Do not add too much furniture because it will disrupt the flow of movement in the room and take out the living spaces. Try to balance out the furniture and its function.
  3. Build more storage: Try to build more storage at the open space, such us shelf on the empty wall, or closet under the staircase, to keep your room organized.
  4. Take Advantage of High Ceilings: If your apartment has a high ceiling, creating a loft space above can become an extra sleeping or storage idea. High ceiling always makes the whole home feel larger than it really is.
  5. Hide Extra clothing: Utilize space under the bed as an extra storage for your seasonal cloth by using additional containers or storage boxes.
  6. Clean up your bathroom: Utilize the space under the sink. Install the medicine storage cabinet with a mirror on the wall.
  7. Store Belongings in an ottoman: Select an Ottoman with the storage space underneath, so, you can have additional places to store your items.
  8. Play with Light: Bright up (extra light and clean up the window) the room to make the room look higher than it really is.
  9. Wallpaper or Paint the walls: Light color can make the room larger. Or, you can create the contrast of color between wall and ceiling to add the warmth inside the room.

No matter the actual size of your home, it is easy to create more room, storage, and brightness with these easy tips. If you feel relaxed, organized, and comfortable in your home, you will be fine in whatever layout you choose.


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