Moving and Packing Tips

Get rid of everything: It is advisable to cut back on excess clutter as much as possible. Otherwise, you will end up with endless requirement of boxes for your belongings.

  1. Making a moving folder: Organizing all your documents, new addresses, mover contracts, or others, in to one folder. Physical copy is preferable in case your phone battery runs out during the move.
  2. Pack as far in advance as possible: Normally, you will know about a move weeks or months in advance. So, it is advisable to try to pack the item starting with the less frequent use item first. So, you can save sometimes when the schedule is coming closer.
  3. Book Early: Make sure to book all the services, such as, cleaners or painters to work on the house, or moving services in advance. Because, surely, you would miss the schedule if your move landed in the peak season.
  4. Utilities for your new place: Make sure to schedule the utilizes with the utility providers at your new place. So, you do not end up at your new place without electric and water.
  5. Keep the essential with you: Keep the everyday essentials, such as the change of clothes, toothbrush, or medication in the suitcase and bags and carry with you in case the moving truck gets lost.
  6. Prepare all the packing materials: Make sure to prepare all the necessary packing material such as corrugated boxes, cutters, tape, markers etc. So, you do not have to run around in the last minutes to find these materials and missed the schedule.
  7. Use the right size boxes: Put the heavy items into the small boxes, and light items in the bigger one to balancing the carrying weight.
  8. Heavy items at the bottom of the boxes and lighter items on top of the box: It is advisable to place the heavy items at the bottom of the box and the lighter items on the top. Otherwise, if you go the opposite, the heavy items may crush the lighter items to pieces.
  9. Don’t leave empty space in the boxes: Fill in gaps of the box with soft material, clothing, towels or packing paper to avoid damage.
  10. Label the boxes: Label each box with the room that it is destined for and a description of its content. This will tremendously help you during the unloading and unpacking process.
  11. Tape boxes well: Make sure to seal the box tightly at the top and the bottom. Because, if the box is opened during the move, the goods inside may get damage.
  12. Special Crating for expensive art: Never wraps oil painting in regular paper. For the picture framed behind glass, make an X with masking tape across the glass to hold the glass together if it is shatters.
  13. Bundle breakables: Packing dish on their side and put the bubble paper around each one of them, then wrap bundles of five or six together. Use the paper padding above and below.

So, above are the 14 moving and packing tips to make your relocation process become smoother. We certainly hope that this will be helpful for you.


Credit:  Lauren Phillips