4 Tips for Tidying With Kids

Some ideas to keep your house in order with young children.

Narrate as you tidy : As you tidy things up, you can explain to your children what you are doing, so they can learn, and do it with a smile to let them see that this is the positive activity. The message to convey is that this is part of the process to make a comfortable home.

Make Tidying playful : Show your children that tidying and playing can be done together and encouraging them to put their belongings away after they finish.

Give Everything a Home : Create the designated locating for each toy to be kept and teach your children. So, they can help you putting away their own toys.

Respect Spatial limitations : Once you have done establishing a place for your children’s belongings, you can see the space that you must accommodate for new toys or keeping wipes and diapers. It is important to always recognized that this space is limited.

Source: https://konmari.com/marie-kondos-tips-for-tidying-with-children/