Things to Consider Before Renting a Self Storage Unit

Selection of self storage unit that suited your requirements may involve a lot of factors for consideration. Missing out some of the factors may leads to a problem, such as, goods being stolen, property lost or damage, and etc.

Below are basic factors in which you should consider before renting a self storage unit.

1. Security : Make sure that the facility offers the premium security around the property and individual units. The security feature should basically include 24 Hours CCTV surveillance, 24 Hours security personal, Unit alarm, and perimeter fencing.



2. Accessibility : The facility should be accessible 24 hour with personal pin or key card to ensure that you can get your belongings when you need them the most.


3. Facility Cleanliness : Check the facility and inside the storage unit for the cleanliness, day to day maintenance and cleaning schedule. Apart from this, it is advisable to check whether the facility offer regular bugs and insects spray or not.

4. Insurances : Make sure to discuss about the insurance program.

5. Lease Term : How flexible is the contract term? Most of the facility normally offer minimum month to month contract.

6. Pricing: The price should be balance out with the location. The storage inside the city may be more convenient but will also cost you more. It is advisable to balance it out with how frequent you need to access your unit. Lastly, make sure to check about the special promotion being offered.

7. Review: Check on the online review and rating.

8. Fire Protection: Check if the facility is equipped with smoke detector, flame extinguisher, or sprinkle system