How To Properly Store Electronic Equipment

Electronic equipment plays a major role in the modern times life. Every homeowner has a computer, air conditioning, televisions, and many other electronic items which are used on daily basis. During the house maintenance or relocation, the homeowner may need to pack electronic equipment properly to store in the storage. Follow the below tips to help you pack them correctly.

  1. Clean your equipment thoroughly until no dust remaining in your equipment because dust can clog up the air ventilation creating heat and can short circuit board, which resulting in the short circuit as well.
  2. Disconnect all wires from your equipment and store them separately. Do not forget to put the label on them.
  3. Wrap your equipment in the cotton towel or sheet before putting them into the storage box. The cotton towel or sheet can absorb the moisture and keeping your electronic dry under humid condition. Do not use plastic wrap, in which, they will trap the moisture in the storage box, thus causing the rust to form easily.
  4. Take out the battery to prevent the leakage of battery acid, which can easily damage your equipment.
  5. Use the bubble wrap to wrap on the glass screens, such as computer monitor, or LCD monitor before putting into the storage box to avoid the damage which may happen during the transport.
  6. Take out the CDS, DVDS and other media remains in your electronic equipment and pack them separately.

We hope that the above tips will help you store your electronic equipment as long as you need without any worries.


Credited :  Tim Scott
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